Sevierville, Tennessee

You have an opportunity to add your 2018 visitor-oriented events to the Special Events Calendar on VisitSevierville.com. This page is one of the most viewed on VisitSevierville.com and allows you to input your event date, images and video, detailed information, links to purchase tickets and more.

To add your events, go to www.VisitSevierville.com and click on Special Events. Click Add Event and create an account. From there you can add your events and make updates as necessary.

Questions? Email okiseleva@scoc.org.

December Membership:
New Members - 12
Total Members - 577

December Leads
Advertising Leads: 5,665
Fiscal YTD: 66,101

Hospitality Tax
November Lodging: $6,255,603
Oct. Restaurant: $14,317,865
Oct. Amusement: $ 864,861
2016-17 FYTD: $ 127,930,007
Congratulations to the October Chamber Friendship Award recipients, Kate Benjamin! The next Chamber Friendship Award will be presented during Coffee Talk on January 17, 2017, hosted by the Relay for Life. For more info, contact Jim McGill at (865) 453-6411.